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2-pack 8 inch "versa-tune" port kit

2-pack 8 inch "versa-tune" port kit

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Product Code: 8VT-2


This is the two pack of 8 inch diameter "versa-tune" adjustable length port kits. Our "versa-tune" kit is the original adjustable length flared pvc port kit that changed everything. These port kits can be assembled to any length between 8 inches and 22 inches, quickly and easily, for ultimate functionality. These are also perfect for box builders and audio shops who want to keep extra ports on hand for future use since they are not length specific. The smaller drop-in inner flare allows the port to be fully assembled prior to installation.

We recommend assembly with a high quality packaging / shipping tape in order to retain adjustability, or pvc primer and cement can be used for a permanent assembly.

This listing is for TWO adjustable length port kits.

port I.D.- 7.912"
flare O.D.- 12.5"
mounting DIA- 11.25"
material wall thickness - 0.241"

*Please be sure of what size port you need before ordering, we will only issue a full refund if you receive non-functional product.
*all of our ports are individually handmade. please understand that due to this, we can not guarantee an exact match in length between different manufacturing runs of product. we can only guarantee exact match on ports ordered at the same time.

*all ports ship raw/bare with no paint. please don't ask about paint options, we do not offer paint.
*port material color can vary at times, this is cosmetic only.
*PVC will generally have blemishes/imperfections/scratches on the outer surface of the pipe. We have absolutely no control over this. Please keep in mind that these materials are not originally intended for what we do with them, and in their intended application these blemishes/imperfections/scratches would never be visible. These surface blemishes are present before we ever take possession of the material.
*The inner surface and face of the flare (portions visible in a typical installation) will be free of the previously mentioned cosmetic issues, though smaller fine lines can be visible from the material being formed on our moulds.
*port I.D. is the size you will use for the port while calculating your enclosure.
*dimensional specifications are average. pvc can expand and contract with heat, there can also be differences in the material from the pipe manufacturer.


8" = flares only
9" = flares + 1"
10" = flares + 2"
11" = flares + 1" + 2"
12" = flares + 4"
13" = flares + 4" + 1"
14" = flares + 4" + 2"
15" = flares + 7"
16" = flares + 7" + 1"
17" = flares + 7" + 2"
18" = flares + 7" + 2" + 1"
19" = flares + 7" + 4"
20" = flares + 7" + 4" + 1"
21" = flares + 7" + 4" + 2"
22" = flares + 7" + 4" + 2" + 1"

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